With the help of our successful automated recruitmentprocess we help you find the best candidates for your recruiting needs.

We help you get three puzzle pieces to fit together.


The Task Assignment

What are the duties that your next candidate will execute?


The Candidate

What qualifications and experiences are required for the task assignment? Is it a requirement or is it desirable?



What does the workplace look like where the candidate will be? The workenvironment in its whole.

Our Branch Areas

Recruiting within IT


Example of assignment

IT-educator, IT-specialists, It-technician, IT-suport, System developer, UX-designer, project managers.

Recruiting within real estate

Real Estate

Example of assignment

Projectleader, Property Manager, Property Engineer, Department Manager, Supervisors, Purchaser, Real Estate Technician.

Recruiting within HR


Example of assignment

Recruiter, HR manager, HR specialists, HR Administrators.

Recruiting within the hospitality industry

The Hospitality industry

Example of assignment:

Chef, HR, Sales, Marketing, Hotel Manager, Supervisors, Booking and Conference Personnel. 

recruitment within economy / accounting


Example of assignment:

Accounting Economists, Economist Assistants, Adminsistrators, Purchasing.

Recruitment within managers & leaders


Example of assignment:

CEO, Managers, Supervisors, Project Managers, Team Leaders.

Smart AI-recruitment

We help you find the right competence with the help of smart AI-recruitment

We define the skills that are a requirement and the ones that are desirable for an available job before we publish the job advertisement.

Further, our smart AI-recruitmentplatform calculates each applicants competence points and identifies candidates that meet your needs.

  • Recruitment software for artificial intelligence (AI) uses automation to help our recruiters find candidates, review CV, and develop different process work flows. 

  • It allows recruiters to review thousands curriculum vitae and at the same time reduce repetative manual tasks. 

  • AI-driven recruitment software increases our ability to effectively choose the candidates best suited for your organization.

  • AI
Common Questions

What is recruitment with artificial intelligence?

  • AI-recruitment is a process to match a candidate to the most relevant job profile through machine learning. 

How is AI used in recruitment?

  • In recruitment, AI is used for predictive analyzis, which helps recruiters better judge the quality of applicants and reduce partiality. 

  • It also helps recruiters scan and analyze quicker.

  • Improves the applicants quality with standardized job matching.

What are the benefits of using AI in recruiting?

  • Improved candidate matching.

  • Reduced period of employment.

  • Prejudice free applicant screening.

AI-recruiting vs recruitment automation

  • AI-recruiting is a machine learning process where the system provides data to match a candidate to a job profile without prejudice. Recruitment automation refers to tools that can simplify and speed up your recruitment workflow through triggering certain measures based on predefined rules.

Recruitment is when the candidate experience meets the customer satisfaction.

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